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Rainer Harteneck stats:  


I love to be a marketer, business owner, business intermediary and consultant. I’ve done start up, grow, turn around, buy and sell businesses on three continents. In 2002 founded Sovereign Advisory Group LLC (SAG) Clearwater Florida Pinallas County and Environmental Equipment Services (EES). Sovereign Advisory Group LLC provides Public Notary and Mobile Notary services, coaching, consulting, business broker services.


BBCONS Inc of Clearwater Florida Pinallas County provides Business Broker services and Public Notary and Mobile Notary services. In 2012 he joint Aberdeen Advisor Inc. Aberdeen Advisor Inc is one of the largest Business broker and Business Intermediary firm in the south east of the United States with offices in Clearwater Florida, St. Petersburg Florida Atlanta Georgia, Greenville North Carolina and Birkenhördt Germany


EES represents world leaders in manufactured products like for example SPX Balcke-Dürr GmbH, Rothemühle and Brückner Biotic GmbH. EES expertise is in heat exchangers, emission control equipment, cooling towers, air cooled condenser including engineering and construction to meet the need of coal and gas fired electric power plants, nuclear power plants, refineries, chemical plants. Currently, he focuses in branding and marketing steam cycle equipment for the nuclear, solar and renewable electric power generating industry.


Rainer is fluent in German and English language and worked as a CEO / CFO in Germany, Turkey, South Africa and USA for over 32 years. An action-oriented, growth-driven senior executive with extensive P&L experience in international business, sales, marketing, business development, mergers and acquisitions, operations, project management, finance accounting and risk management. As business intermediary and broker he has proven ability to negotiate contracts, recruit and inspire powerful teams, and design and implement strategies that produce dramatic revenue, market share, and quality increases. Utilizes influence and persuasion to motivate and manage personnel, resulting in a productive and harmonious workplace.


Rainer’s core experience is growing businesses, buy and sell businesses for owners and entrepreneurs. He takes the initiative to build long-term relationships with clients by providing guidance, mentoring and advice. A hands-on approach gives my customers / business friends the direct benefit of his experience and qualifications.


Rainer holds a BA from the University of Pforzheim Germany is a Business Broker keeping Florida Real Estate License, Florida Public Notary, Master Mentor, Certified Behavioral Coach, Certified Networker, and Score Counselor. Rainer is member a board member of German American Chamber of Commerce Florida Chapter, Chinese Chamber of Commerce of Tampa Bay and Secretary of Tampabay Interbay Rotary club.